Sunday, June 6, 2010


Time is so relative, Drew is always asking me "is that a long time?" It seems like just yesterday that my kids were born, I can't believe I have a 5, 2 1/2, & 4 1/2 month old. So much has been going on and there hasn't been much extra time for blogging. Here is an update on what  we've been up to:

Abby - She is rolling (over and covered in them)! She is sleeping through most nights, going down around 9:30 and waking up around 5:00 am. She is also nursing! After 4 months of pumping, she has finally decided that nursing isn't quite so bad. I haven't pumped in 2 days and I am totally excited about that! Abby is talking to us like crazy, she loves to coo and follow you with her eyes. She loves laughing and is a very content and relaxed third born. What a blessing! Abby is now rolling from her tummy to her back, she has also found her thumb  and has decided that it taste's better than her passy.

Gabe - He is talking! He talks non stop these days. His favorite phrases are "And Me!" "I want to eat." and "Where's Goo!" He calls his brother Goo, isn't that cute! Gabe moved to a big boy bed last month, now he and Drew are in bunk beds in the big room that  was once a loft (in our DINK days). Gabe just loves life, especially when he gets outside and in the pool! We've been visiting the  pool a lot this past week, its very hot here and the boys were very timid around water  the first trip to the pool. They are much better after 5 straight days of swimming! Gabe is excited to start gymnastics next week!

Drew - He is seeing! Yes, the poor child needed glasses for a very lazy right eye. He is seeing well now and we're hoping the glasses survive a week of soccer camp which starts tomorrow. Drew finished his pre-school year  and is  excited about playing all summer. He too will be in gymnastics beginning next week. We're so excited for all the summer fun! Drew and I are pushing through his reading culiculem, which is going much  better now that the glasses are here. We're almost 50% of the way through. Drew is learning so much, he can now recognize basic words, knows about periods, quotation marks, can site read about 10 words and can sound out almost all 5 or less letter words. He loves to do his reading lessons and is getting much better writing our his letters. I'm so blessed to  have a son who loves learning -  that has always been my dream since the kids were born - I wasn't much concerned with their intelligence, I just wanted them to love learning. With a love to learn, anything is possible!

Daddy -He is Summer Breaking! Yep, tomorrow is his last day of work until August. I'm so excited to have him home more. His summer job  will begin soon and he is taking a trip for work to Florida for 5 days in mid June. Over the last month, John has been finishing up the boys bunk beds and making me custom silverware holders. He still has plenty to keep him busy this summer!

Mommy - She is Organizing!  The pantry is now organized! Patti visited for a week, so I had some time to clean/organize that pantry of mine. Wow does it look better! I love it. I've also been working out at the gym and taking the boys to the pool a lot. I also managed to fit in 3 audits over the last few months and get the Spring gardening done. Our yard is swimming with flowers! What time is left, I've been photographing my kiddo's and reading. Yes, I actually just finished a book, I can't remember the last time that happened.

Our Family - Has been Swimming & visiting the lavender fields. We took Grandma and my mother up to Gainsville for a fun chance to pick lavender and ride pony's! It was so much fun! I also enjoyed some tea times at a local tea house with friends and family.

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