Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing Samira

Drew and I were driving  home from purchasing a small children's pool for our backyard. Our conversation went something like this:

Drew: "Mom, I'm starving, when are we going to eat?"
Me: "Starving, you don't know what starving means Drew?"
Drew " Yes I do! It means I'm really hungry."
Me: " I mean, you've never experienced real hunger before, 99 out of every 100 people in the world do not live like we do. What we just spent on a fun pool would feed an entire family of 4 for an entire month in most third world countries."
Drew: "You mean there are little children who don't get food all the time."
Me: " Exactly, most people don't live in nice houses, drive nice cars, have clean water, and know where their next meal is coming from."
Drew: "Well, that doesn't seem fair? We have to do something to help those children."
Me: "Yes, God  calls us to help the orphans and widows and the poor. I've been reading about caring for the poor in my Bible, God talks a lot about serving those in need. Its our jobs as Christians to help, that is part of the reason God has us here! How do you think we should help?"
Drew: "We need to take all our money and feed all those children, we can't let them die! If we send food now will the ones who have already died come back to life?"
Me: "I'm sorry Drew, but we can't bring them back to life, only God can do that, but we can give what we have to serve the poor now and someday we can go to other places and build water wells and bring medicine and food to help."
Drew: "Well, we need to do something right now!" I have money in my piggy bank, we can give all of that to feed everyone."
Me: "Drew, that is a great start, how about we adopt a little boy or girl for you to sponsor and earn money to support?" We can't feed the whole world, but we can start with one!"
Drew: "But I want to save the whole world?"
Me: "Well I believe you should pray about what else God would have you do, Mommy and Daddy have ways they give to the poor, you could ask God for a special way you can too!" "In the meantime, when we get home lets pick out a child for you to help sponsor."

Drew picked Samira from the Compassion International website and is so thrilled to help sponsor her!

The past 4 weeks our church has been working through the book of James; my conversation with Drew  reflected God's heart for the poor from James 2 - our Christian faith is proven by the ways we obey the scriptures. My faith is revealed through the works that I do. I am not saved by those works, but those works are proof that my faith is real. I so deeply want my children to grow up and have works that reflect their sincere and life changing faith!

There are other places in James where it talks about serving the poor and selling everything you have and giving it away to help others, that is very convicting to me since we live in a "me" culture. In Matthew it even calls the poor "blessed" or 'Happy" because they can "see God." I believe that means the more I give away and serve the poor and orphaned and stranger and widow - the more of God I see and the closer to God I become. Isn't closeness to God my deepest desire? If so then the solution is selfless giving - that is humbling and shows my lack of maturity in my faith. I do like the comfort of the way I live. James 1:26-27 says that we're to remain unstained by the world through: the bridling of our tongue and caring for others in need like orphans and widows. How much more like God would I be if I really kept myself and my family unstained by the world? How much more of God would I see if I gave more than 10-15% of our income - what would my life look like if we gave 20% or 40% or 60% away? These are questions I've been journaling about lately.

Breeding a sense of servant-hood into my kids is one step on our journey in becoming more Christ-like. So I'd like you to meet Samira, she lives in an AIDS infected part of Berkina Faso (sp). Drew was so excited to write her a letter and tell her all about his family. Now if I could only get Drew to do extra chores to raise his 10.00 each month to support his portion of her care! Please be praying for Drew's little heart, he has been talking so much about God and asking Christ into his heart, he is very close! I'm so excited to see what God is going to do with my sensitive heart'ed Drew - maybe Drew will help change the world!

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