Sunday, May 2, 2010

Changing @ 14 Weeks

Abby is changing into a real baby! Just in the last week she has started to sleep more regularly, eat less frequently, she can have BM's on her own (Yes!), her stomach bloating has gone down substantually, she can cough, and she moved into 0-3 month clothes! A few other milestones happened this week too, she moved into her own room! Abby also figured out how to kick her little toy hanging off the crib, which kept her quite entertained for 30 minutes. She is enjoying just being awake and not fussing, she is more aware of things and loves to smile at you. She also loves to smile at the fan? Abby is almost 11 pounds and still loves being swaddled, being held, and beging carried around in the front pack. She is a mommy's girl until Daddy comes home and then she loves to sit with him and cuddle. She just picked up her second cold and seems to be weathering it fairly well. No ER trips! She has a slight fever and is congested with sneezes and coughing. We're praying she gets better quickly.

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