Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boring Jobs

I’m sitting here tonight and Drew comes waltzing in to say goodnight. He notices the #100 on the screen and is quite proud of himself. The number was actually 71,100.56 and I try to explain to him about  ones, tens, hundreds, etc. He then asks, “well what does that # mean?” I told him it was the amount we had to show on our books in vacations that people are yet to take.” To which Drew raises his eyebrows and retorts, “Mom you have a really boring job! I’m going to go brush my teeth now.”

Sigh, I didn’t want to be an accountant at 5 either, in fact my first job was working retail for a small company which sold scrubs. In my interview the owner said he graduated with an accounting degree and I told him it sounded boring not even having a clue what an accountant was – I was 17 (and did get the job)! Even funnier is that my closest 4 horse buddies from childhood and I recently connected again via facebook – we were all going to train horses or be veterinarians, just found out we all ended up as accountants!

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