Friday, April 2, 2010

Abby @ 10 Weeks

The weeks are flying bye! Abby is growing into a chunk, she is 9 pounds 2 oz today and to celebrate we took her to the chiropractor! Yes, the baby chiropractor. Last week I noticed that she wans't moving her head very much and that she was always stiff. I just assumed her issues stemmed from being constipated. On Monday John had his masseuse come over to the house and give me a massage because my back went out -  3rd time its happened, once with each newborn - I'm convinced its from those car seats that I carry all over creation. Abby also wore her first Spring dress to celebrate her 10 weeks of life, she looked so cute!

Anyhow she gabe Abby a little tummy massage and said she might need an adjustment, her mom happens to be a chiropractor so she set us up for an appointment. I took her in and discovered that her neck was out in both places, it was the worst on her left side. Most likely it came out of alignment when she was on the  ventelator for a week. They don't adjust the location of the vent, so her head was calked to the left for an entire week with little movement. Ouch! Her lower back was also out  which may be playing a part in her constipation. Here are the things I've noticed in two sessions (Wednesday & Friday):

Abby can now fully rotate her next from side to side, I never realized there was a problem until recently, but for over 6 weeks when I laid her in a little water at the bottom of the bath tub she always seemed to enjoy it. I wondered why I didn't do this more with the boys, then I found out!  Today she immediatly turned her head in either direction and "drank" the water as she kicked and tried to roll over. Now I remember why I never put the boys in the bathtub so young - normal baby's move a lot!.

She gave us her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc smile just a few hours after her first adjustment. She has been cooing and smiling at us now for days! Her temperament is so much different now that she isn't in constant pain.

Abby isn't stiff when you pick her up, she use to arch her back all the time and throw her head up in her car seat or swing- not anymore! I even made mention of this in the hospital and they said she may have gotten use to this position while on the vent and now she did it out of habbit. Nope - she liked this position because it didn't hurt so much.

She will breastfeed, before she would latch on for 30 seconds and fuss, I got a good 5 minutes of nursing in yesterday and she wasn't upset. She typically eats in the position where her head is to the left, so it probably hurt!

The drool and puke from her reflux now goes down either side of her neck, before I only had to clean out her left side.

Overall she is a happier and calmer baby. I'll really be impressed if she has a BM on her own in the next few days!

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