Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inscriptions For Gabe

"Gabers", you are such a blessing! We had 5 whole days with just us (and Abby who slept through most of it!). Without your older brother around I realized that your blossoming personality is beginning to emerge. Your not a little baby anymore, you are turning into a little boy with your own unique thoughts. You interact with nature through touch and thought, you think through your actions and then dive right in without fear. God has blessed you with a quick mind and a fearlessness that will serve you well in life.

You are such an intelligent and inquisitive little man, your vocabulary is growing and without Drew to interrupt and answer for you I've been able to hear many new words come out of your mouth. You love to say "stop it" and "help me!"  Without an older brother around you became my helper, when I needed something you would get upset if I did it myself, You were always looking for opportunities to serve - you get that trait from your daddy! Gabe, you loved to follow me around and ask questions, hand me books, look at the frogs, play trains, and run around outside. You enjoyed special mommy time  and your normally quiet behavior blossomed into a little boy of thunder! I could see your mind swimming with ideas just waiting to come to life!
You ran around energetically, asked me questions by pointing or bringing me things. You loved playing on the playground going up and down the slide repeatedly. You became my little boy, always checking to make sure I wasn't leaving you because you were fearful that with Daddy and Drew gone I was next. It was a wonderful time just the two of us!

While Daddy was gone I scanned a bunch of pictures from his childhood, I can't believe how much you look just like your Daddy! I pray you grow into a man and follow in your Daddy's footsteps!

You most certainly have his wide-eyed smile and golden hair!Your simular personality is an added bonus!

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Sue said...

What an amazing resemblance I see between John and Gabe. So alike in many ways.