Monday, March 29, 2010

Birth Pains

The birth pains of having children were designed by God to bring child into this sinful world; as our Williams quiver grows, I see that those same birth pains continue after our little blessing lay in my arms. There is much pain in growing spiritually, there is much growth in being pushed beyond what I in my flesh am capable of doing. As I sit here this morning meditating on my exhaustion and wondering why last week was so much better and far less discouraging, I'm reminded that walking in the Spirit is Supernatural. Last week I was consistent and diligent to get into the Word of God, I was constantly in prayer and asking the Lord for His portion to get me through each moment. We had a great week of learning, discipleship, growth, and fun! Today, Monday, I overslept, didn't get time with the Lord, fumbled to get things done, grouched at my children, didn't make it to the gym, and now I sit, finally resting in the hands of my Father. He is so sweet to remind me of where "my strength comes from." So, after naps this afternoon, my prayer is our day begins again - afresh and renewed - focused on our Lord and walking in His Spirit.

The Christian life is a process whether you are 3 or 30 - it has no earthly destination; just a road full of obstacles ready to be mastered, preparing us for greatness in the kingdom of God.

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