Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby @ 9 weeks

Abby is 9 weeks old! She weighs around 8 pounds and is 19 inches long. Most people who see her think she is merely days old -- they are quite shocked when I say she is already 9 weeks. This week, on her 9 week birthday I was finally able to introduce her to my M2M group and my special mentor mom's. It was so wonderful to relish in God's answered prayers for our family, after 3 months of being away from my Christian sisters,  I was finally able to share communion and our precious gift Abby with them all. What smiles all those women had when they saw her - they had been diligently praying for her health for over three months. It is so wonderful to celebrate answered prayer! "Grandma" Johnnie was especially excited to see Abby since she was sick around the same time we all were so she hadn't seen Abby since she was 2 weeks old.  Sweet Johnnie was delighted to rock and feed Abby while I enjoyed our lesson. It was a wonderful few hours of rest before taking all the kiddo's home for a wild afternoon.

Abby is eating 3oz every 3 hours; she loves to eat and has no patience! She will only nurse a few moments and then when the milk stops flowing easily she gives up and cries for a bottle. That means I spend a lot of time pumping and cleaning bottles.  Abby is much different than the boys, she must be swaddled or in the baby Bjorn in order to sleep, she hasn't a clue what to do when she isn't packed all together, so she just lays there and cries. She is still constipated and we just added Mira-lax to her bottles, but she still isn't getting close to regular. Her tummy is very bloated and her belly button really sticks out (there is a little hernia under the belly button too).  Abby loves to sleep, either in the Baby Bjorn, swaddled in her swing, or in her Papasan seat. She is yet to find her schedule, sleeping almost all day and then a few days later up all afternoon and into the evening. She enjoys baths, being loved on by her protective brothers, and riding in the car, though she isn't fond of her car seat when its not moving. She is on breathing treatments for the next two months, then we'll take her off of them and see how she fares.

I'm finding that three little munchkins is a lot of work, but it has also forced me to relish quick periods when everyone is awake and happy to enjoy one another - like dancing to crazy music or making fun and quick art projects. I've been trying to get Gabe and Drew together more, working as a team on projects. I still tend to look at Gabe as a baby, but he is much more capable than I give him credit for. He has really stepped up and expected me to give him chores and jobs just like Drew has. Gabe loves to feed his sister in the car and is the best passy finder in the house. Both boys adapted to having a little sister with flying colors, they are yet to act jealous and seem to find Abby a great asset to our family.

Drew & I had a dental visit this week - no cavities! You should have seen the faces on all the people when I came waltzing in with three kids! Gabe watched Drew get Xrays and have his teeth cleaned; he enjoyed the process and didn't act scared. Gabe will get his turn at the dentist when he is 3! After Drew was done,  my mom came and picked up all the kids and I had my teeth cleaned. You know your a busy mom when you tell the hygienist that sitting having your teeth cleaned is like being at the Spa! I had a whole hour to myself, it was heaven.  I really was pleased with the kids behavior, they were so well behaved and interactive with the dentist and hygienist so well. It opened some doors to a great discussion about the Lord and how influential He is in our parenting. I've been cautiously witnessing to our hygienist for the past 6 year, she had a difficult marraige, then divorce, and has a special needs child  - she is very angry at God and our family doesn't quite fit in her"God box". She was rather inpersonable to me until John began going to her for cleanings a few years back, his "special needs" broke through her wall and she has been much more open about herself and family. This past appointment she mentioned how special it is to see a married couple so close and raising such wonderful kids. It was a great opening to share with her the mighty work the Lord has done in our lives. I can't wait for my next appointment in September, we're already praying for more doors to open!

I finally activated my gym membership this week - that was hard because once I un-suspended the membership I knew I'd have to start going. So, I got up at 4:45 am on Friday, pumped for Abby,  and headed to my first spin class since June. I didn't fall off the bike, but realized how little endurance I have left. I did manage to stay awake all day and found myself praying a lot for energy and power from the Holy Spirit (which is a great thing I should be doing everyday). The time spent spinning on the bike I try and pass in prayer. I specifically prayed that I would handle the challenges of never getting a break well - lately I've seen my patience level drop and my attitude act resentful to my kids and husband. I also prayed for my words to be sweet and kind to my kiddo's. One specific place I've been reading is in the Psalms. This month my call to action has been praying & practicing Psalm 141:3 which says, " 3Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips." I must say that I get tons of practice everyday. Drew constantly asks questions and this verse challenges me to think before I speak - to speak words of life instead of words that bring down. It also helps me to stay silent as much as I can, its much easier to hear God in the silence (which is rare with three kiddo's) that when I'm constantly rambling off every thought that comes into my head. I have found that intentionally speaking words of life to others has a profound impact on my own inner thoughts. When I am always thinking of building others up, those negative thoughts don't have room to take shape or fester. Each new day brings challenges into my life, most are thoughts and attitudes that the Lord is wanting to work on. There is a joy in having three kids and no time, it brings out the worst in my at times which allows me to work that much harder and call upon the Lord to live His life through me. I can't do this thing on my own and when I al truly walking in the Spirit amazing God-things happen!

As we prepare for the week leading up to Easter, please pray that I'll keep Christ the  center of all things. That the wonderful gift of Easter will not pass by our home, but that we would stop and celebrate the wonderful Gift that Christ gave us on the Cross.As Drew shared with Nana last night, "We serve a living God, not a dead God!" Amen to that, for if Christ had not risen then He would have been merely another man claiming to be God - Jesus was either a Liar, A Lunatic or the Lord and his resurrection on Sunday proved to the entire world - past, present, and future generations that He was who He claimed to me - Jesus Christ our Savior!

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