Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well we just returned from a field trip to the X Ray department! They had to catheterize Abby and test her kidney's and bladder to see why she had a UTI so young. Poor thing, she wasn't too happy about the process, but it wasn't as traumatic as the other things she has been through the past month. Abby had a good day, her oxygen is at .25 liters which is not much, but every time they try and take her off her level's goes down. They will try again tomorrow. Other than that she had a good day, she enjoyed a bath and tons of cuddles from mommy. The nurse just poked her head in and the test came back negative, so Abby doesn't have kidney reflux! Yes! She finally get a break!

So, here is praying for discharge on Thursday and that she has a good night of sleeping and breathing!

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