Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Update

Abby is doing well, blood gasses will show when she is ready to be weaned off the vent. In the interim, she is regaining strength every day. The worst of the disease is today, so we're turning a corner. Abby also developed a UTI so she is on antibiotics. She has a slight fever last night but it is gone this morning. She is no longer using the warmer for heat which is great, she is maintaining her own body temp. Her cute brown/pink blanket is covering her and all the nurses are in love with her cuteness! Abby's feeds are at 12CC/hour and she is resting well due to the sedation medication.

The boys are doing well, they miss their sister. We're going to have the boys make her a drawing and hang it by Abby's bed. Drew wants to draw a rainbow to remind Abby that God's promises are true. Such a sweet brother! God's promises are true! We're so blessed to have God's promise of comfort and strength! I haven't any strength left, yet I know I am daily drawing from the strength of my Savior. The days blur together, the nights seem to pass quickly yet I feel great peace through all that we're going through. God is God and I am not - seems to be my moto during this trial, praise God that I'm not God and that amidst the rain, he provides his "rainbow" for comfort and brings peace amidst sorrow!

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