Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Update

Abby is doing well weaning off the vent, in rounds this morning her CO2 wasn't as low as they wanted so they decided to wait 24 more hours before taking her off the vent. She is breathing over the vent and was a little restless today so they gave her some medication to make her sleep. Please pray that she comes off the vent tomorrow and that she rests comfortable the next 24 hours.

Abby is so sweet, she gets red in her face and tries to cry when some junk needs to be suctioned out of her lungs or nose, or she needs a diaper change. The rest of the time she just rests. This morning when I arrived she was a little too awake and I got to see her beautiful blue eyes for the first time since Saturday. She just looked so sad and tired. Poor little peanut, the hard part is almost over, just wait one more day!


Sunshine, Grapes & Blessings said...

Melissa and John, I am praying for Abby's quick recovery!! Our church is also praying - Good things come to those who wait upon Him!
Get better soon Little One!

Megan said...

I imagine it is extremely difficult to bring her home, then have to take her back to the hospital.

I am happy you were able to see her beautiful eyes though!