Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today we moved out of the PICU and into a room! We were excited for our big move, but with the move comes more time away from home. Abby has a private room which means she has to have John or I here most of the time. John graciously has taken nights and I'm here during the  day. The boys are holding up ok, but I really hope we don't live like this for too long. We're all exhausted and the house is a pit! It would be so nice to get on with our lives.

Abby is doing well, she is stable, breathing on 1 liter of oxygen, she has breathing treatments every 4 hours and they are suctioning her like crazy. Most of the junk is sitting in her lungs, today they said it dropped to her lower lungs. Abby is thrilled that she is off the vent, she is eating a ton! One feeding she ate 85 ml which is about 25 more than normal. Her antibiotics are done tomorrow so then maybe I can convince a nurse to take out the IV in her hand - then she can have a much needed bath. Abby was so excited to get her passy back, it was the first thing that she did, it immediately calmed her and she went right to sleep, such a little trooper she is!

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