Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I spent the day with my little girl. She is eating like a newborn already, she is always hungry which explains her 1.5 oz growth per day! She weighed in today at 5 pounds 5 oz. She has gained almost a pound since birth which is remarkable considering 3/4 of her life she has lived in a hospital and much of it sedated. Sweet thing, she is on .5 liters of oxygen today and holding steady! She still sounds terrible, but the pulmnologist says that is normal for RSV babies. Her nights are the worst, which is normal for RSV, so once she doesn't need oxygen at night we can go home. I'm praying we get to go home by Thursday, but are taking this thing one day at a  time. John is headed here tonight and will be spending the nights with Abby. Pray for him. He isn't much for  waking in the middle of the time, feeding and he hates to change newborn diapers. He doesn't might the bigger kids, but he is afraid of breaking Abby! Please pray he gets rest, since he has no more vacatiion days and  will be working during the days while I'm here. We tried bringing the boys to the hospital, but mommy and daddy  are a little stressed and the additional stress of the kids wasn't the best idea. There are just too many cords and things to get into in this small room.

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