Sunday, February 14, 2010

Abby is Home!

Our little Abby is home! She came home late Friday evening and has been doing so well! She came home on oxygen but hasn't used it much at all! She has a pulse oximeter which measure the amount of  oxygen in Abby's blood. The pulse ox is attached to a box which beeps when her saturation drops below 90%. In the last 48 hours she has been off oxygen which is a miracle, in the hospital the most she could be on room air was around 90 minutes. I'm so happy to be able to put her in a sling and walk around the house now that she isn't attached to oxygen 24/7.

Her coming home story is such a God orchestrated event. I headed to the hospital on Friday after the snow began to thaw, I brought my overnight back and planned to stay until my mom came Saturday morning so I could take a break. Around 3:30 Abby's doctor arrived and started talking about how confused he was about her oxygen levels. He said we had two options, one was to wait it out longer and let her wean herself of the oxygen, the second option was to perform a bronchoscopy and view her lungs and heart for problems. The procedure would involve putting Abby under anesthesia which I wasn't too fond of. I said I would prefer the more conservative approach. He agreed and as he was walking out the door I casually asked if we could wait it out at home on oxygen? He turned around and asked if I felt comfortable handling that and I almost yelled, "Oh Yes" but was more calm about the whole thing. He wouldn't promise anything but said he would get the paperwork moving and see what happened. About 2 hours later I had home health delivering her temporary oxygen and was packing up our things to come home! It was a crazy few hours but we were discharged around 6:30 Friday evening.

It has now been 48 hours since we've been home, Abby was on oxygen the first night we were home, the net morning we tried to wean her to room air, which we were told needed to be our goal at home, and would you know our God answered our prayers. Abby has been breathing room air for almost two days. We have put her back on oxygen a few times when she acted tired and her sensor was dropping, but for the most part she is breathing wonderfully! Wow! God is so good! We went from an invasive surgery to almost healthy within a weekend.

Abby is still susceptible to illness so we'll be keeping her home until April when RSV and Flu season have passed. It feels so good to all be home!

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