Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Update on Abby

Great news! Abby is coming home tomorrow! I spent the day getting things ready, buying her a new car seat since the one we had wouldn't cover her small size. I also grocery shopped for the first time since the beginning of December. What a day, I'm exhausted. I made it to two of Abby's feedings, she did great and drank 40-45 mil each feeding. The tube in her nose is out and she has been maintaining her own body temp for 24 hours. It was a great day, I also watched a CPR video and then made Abby appointments and finally added her to our insurance. I think I need another few days to recover!

I can't wait to bring our little peanut home tomorrow! Then the blog will be covered with pictures of her and the boys getting to know each other! I told Drew that his sister was coming home tomorrow and the first thing he asked was, "will she be crawling all over so I could play with her?" Children are such a blessing!

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Megan said...

How exciting!!!!!!
That is awesome! And you are definitely super mom, getting all of that accomplished today!!!

Have fun, I would love to come for a visit when she is able to have visitors and of course, none of us are sick.

Love ya!