Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update on Pregnancy

Well, still here and pregnant which is great news. It looks like I'm going to try and make until Thursday, then I have another appointment. The doc is getting ready to induce, but wants to give Abby a much time as possible too. It is a bit tricky. This Thursday I'll be 1 day shy of 36 weeks, or 4 days shy depending on which number is followed - the ultrasound showed 3 days larger than my estimated due date. My BP has remained high, but stable, the blood work is all coming back with good results. My body is handling the high blood pressure well, its just a question of how long until it gives in to the pressures - then I could have a seizure and my kidney and liver would begin to shut down. A little scary, so glad I'm not making the decision! Bed rest is really hard, but having a baby in the NICU is also just as alarming. Abby is probably 1 pound smaller than the boys, so I don't exactly have her good weight on my side! If born on Thursday she would be around 5 1/2 pounds. Please pray for wisdom for all involved, including my doctor who will be making the hard decision as to when enough is enough.

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