Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday - 5 Days Old

Today was a crazy, but great day. It began by dropping the boys off at Pre-school for the first time since before Christmas break. It was great to do something normal, then I headed to my doctor appointment where I was going to beg for that magic potion that would make me better. I've been so tired and swollen that I can't stand it anymore! My BP has been running 160/110 for the past few days and I had been retaining so much water that my feet won't fit in my shoes! Once the nurse confirmed my high BP she sent the doctor right in, we discussed admitting me to the hospital for more magnesium or sending me home to rest and waiting for the new BP medication to begin working. I really liked option two. She also ran more labs to make sure my body was handling the pressures ok. So off I went to drop off Abby's milk, then to the pharmacy to pick up the "magic" formula, then home to rest. I took my first pill at 12:00 and prayed that it would work. Just three hours later I began to feel better. By 5:00 in the evening I took my pressure and it was down to 130/90, then by 6:30 it was 120/80! I also weighed myself, in total I had lost 4 pounds of water in 6 hours (and counting). My headache went away and the wonderful feeling of normalcy is beginning to return. The nurse also called and all my lab work came back as normal. I'm just praying my pressures don't get too low, since that was why they took me off the BP pills in the first place.

As for Abby, she is doing great! When I dropped off her milk I stayed 30 minutes and fed her for the 11:00 feeding. She downed 35 mil! Her minimum was upped to 30 mil per feeding. So far she has only had to be gavage fed (tube in nose) once in the past 24 hours. I spoke with the doctor and they are cautiously optimistic that she might make it home Friday or Saturday, but things change daily so we're not getting too excited. She is back under the warmer because her temperature wasn't able to be maintained, but the doc said that is normal after being under the lights for a few days. Her nurse had been weaning her off the heater today and was going to try her in a crib this afternoon. When I arrived Abby was crying and just sucking on her passy waiting for her feeding. She was so hungry - what a great sign! Her weight last night was 4 lbs 5.5 oz - she is almost back to her birth weight!

The boys loved telling their friends and teachers about their sister, they even took a picture of her. Gabe was very excited to have me take him to school and has been acting a little better these past few days. Its also helped that Daddy was home for a few days to re-enforce discipline. I'm been so tired and cranky that having John to take over couldn't have worked out better. It has given me some time to sleep, pump, pray for my really bad attitude, play with the boys, and just relax. If my BP remains low I might actually head to the grocery store for the first time in months! Oh the delight in simple, normal pleasures. I'll also head to the hospital to visit our little peanut!

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