Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Evening Update

Little Abby is still doing great! Her bilirubin levels were high today, so for the next few days she will be resting under some light therapy. . She is doing remarkable, I was able to visit this afternoon and hold her and sing her some sweet songs. The boys went too but aren't able to see her since they are so little.

John just took off to the hospital to take her my breast milk which finally is coming in! A special delivery for our little girl! We're hoping the breast milk will be easier on her under developed tummy. She is having some issues with spitting up on the formula. She also gets an upset stomach from the formula, so please pray the breast milk does the trick. It just feels so weird to pump for a little girl who isn't here. The boys seem to have forgotten that they even have a little sister, they don't ask about her much and were quite happy to have a normal Sunday at home. I'm enjoying sleeping and trying to relax as much as I can. The past three days have been so crazy, its hard for me to believe that I actually have a daughter. I'll get her birth story written in the next day or too, its one for the memory books!

We were able to take Great Nana to see her little granddaughter today. Here are a few pictures of their meeting. The doctor also is keeping an eye on her belly button, it looks like the cord was connected in some weird way, which may have played a part in her growth restriction. The cord only connected to the side of her belly button, the rest is just a bulge which may need to be looked at later. It looks a little like  a hernia, but the doctor said it wasn't a hernia, they just aren't sure what it is?

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