Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Afternoon

I went to visit my little peanut today, she was still under the lights draped out like she was relaxing at the beach - shades were even included. She loves to stretch her little body and is also a wiggle worm when not swaddled. She is loving the breast milk that I'm bringing over and her feeds were upped to 30 mill. per feeding. She drank 35 for me this morning! Abby is loving the light therapy, but I can't wait for her to be done so I can hold her longer. She can only be out for 30 minutes to eat and then has to go right back in. Her weight yesterday night was 4 pounds 5 oz which was about the same as the day before. This is still good because she hadn't received any TPN (nutrition) through her IV yesterday so she is maintaining her own weight!  I told Drew maybe it will be a special birthday gift to have his sister come home on the 24th? I guess we will see! There isn't much talk of when she will come home yet so we're still praying for later this week. The boys have all forgotten about her and are quite content to move on with their old life! I'm sure adjusting will be quite hard on all of us. I am secretly enjoying the fact that I don't have to get up every three hours to feed!

The boys are doing great now that Mommy is home and the house is back in order. They spent the day playing with Daddy in the garage. I took them on a walk this morning and realized half way through that it wasn't my brightest idea. I started cramping and getting really tired. The boys had fun though and were able to run off some excess energy. Drew even rode his big boy bike and showed me how he rides without training wheels! Kitty was especially excited to go on a walk - her first since before Thanksgiving, poor thing!

John is heading back to work tomorrow and the boys are off to school - I even get to take the boys to school for the first time since before Christmas break. Then I am off to feed Abby and then have my blood pressure checked. My BP has been terrible since returning home, I'm hoping medication can help with the problem, I don't want to be re-admitted and put back on the Magnesium! John will be taking a few days off work once our little Abby comes home, for now its back to an odd normal for us tomorrow. I did take the week off and will be trying to relax, visit with my girl, play with the kids, re-order the house and do some grocery shopping. The new normal will have to wait until Abby makes it home.

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