Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Because...

your not a newborn and it wasn't your birthday, and because your sick, I thought I'd post about my special boy Gabe. Gabe, God is using you in my life to teach me patience and to slow down and smell the roses - or read a book. Your the sweetest and warmest child, always wanting to just sit on my lap and give me hugs or read books or play with puzzles. Your smile warms my heart and reminds me what a very special man you are going to grow into. Your wife will love how much you love life, how you are methodical like your daddy and very creative in the way you think. You love to help others and when Drew is sad your the first to offer a toy or hug to help him feel better. Your the peanut butter smashed between the bread of an eldest brother and a new baby sister. You are handling the change so well, I'm so proud of how helpful and kind you are to your sister. You are the one who always want to hold her and sit quietly, where Drew only lasts about 10 seconds before getting bored. You and Abby will be great friends, she is a lucky girl to have wonderful brothers to protect her. I'm so proud of the little man you are becoming, God has great and mighty plans for your life!


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