Friday, January 8, 2010

Gifts in Various Shapes & Sizes

580. I'm so thankful for friends and family who have helped us out over the past few weeks - bringing dinners, watching the boys, cleaning my house, visiting, bringing movies. It is a special gift to have friendships and I'm so thankful for all of them, it would have been such a rough month without everyone's help!

581. A White Christmas! The boys just loved the snow and the ambiance of a white wonderland outside made Christmas so special. The celebration our our Saviors birth wasn't everything I had wanted this year - we missed Christmas Eve service due to the ice and I wasn't as ambitious at consistently working on our normal traditions, but we were able to focus on Christ, next year will be even more traditions & consistency which will focus on our King!

582. A healthy baby still kicking away in my tummy - a miracle to get to 35 weeks today! Thanks to God answering all those prayers from friends, family, M2M prayer warriors, and mentors. We are truly blessed.

583. My continued health, high BP can cause so many bad things to happen and the Lord has been protecting me from those effects for 7 weeks, I'm blessed to only be on week 2 of bed rest, it could have been so much worse.

584. Insurance-  many trips to the hospital this past week makes me very grateful for insurance which takes away some of the financial worry!

585. My boys -  they are so  resilient and have been taking each day in stride. There hasn't been much of a routine, they are different places each day, yet they are still being well behaved and great helpers to mommy!

586. My husband - a servant who cares for me better than I could have ever imagined. He stocks our freezer me special Sonic ice, brings me dinner, cleans the house, listens even when tired after an exhausting day, gets the boys off to bed, plays wild games with the boys, manages to work all week, and always has a great attitude!

587. A wonderful trip to the Gaylord Texan at the beginning of Christmas break, I found a great deal on a room and John and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary a little early. We're so blessed to have a mother who will watch our kiddo's so we can take a day and celebrate! I even surprised John with a trip to a gun show in Fort Worth - just like when we were dating . He loved it and celebrated his new job with a new toy from the show, can you guess what he found?

588. A wonderful Nanny! Mrs. Kelly has been such a blessing to us. She just adores the boys and educates them non stop for 6 hours every time she comes. I can't believe her patience and energy. On Wednesday she took the boys to the Science Museum for the day and  they learned all about bugs and dinosaurs and trains.Today she must have read  them 20+ books and sang them too many songs to count. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful helper!

589. A home with heat! It is in the teens outside and I'm just praising God for a nice home with great heat and the money to pay for all those bills! We are truly a blessed family!

590. A craftsman husband who made many of our Christmas gifts this year - homemade cutting boards & wine stoppers!

591. My Dad who visited from Seattle, he spent 3 hours on Christmas even putting together the boys kitchen set which must have had well over 200 pieces - I had no idea what "some assembly required" meant. If it were up to John we'd have put the kitchen set on the curb with a FREE sign next to it. Thanks Dad!

592. A simple Christmas with family!

593.Hemorrhoid cream - may be too much information in that one!

594. Hugs and cuddles from Gabe in the middle of the night, he fell asleep on me last night and it was so wonderful to pray over him, kiss him and give him cuddles. I just love my little boys!

595. Drew's helpful and eager attitude. He has been so great lately, bringing diapers from downstairs, getting me water, laying out his own clothes at night. My little man is growing up and I'm so proud of who he is becoming!

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