Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday = Abby is 8 Days Old

Our little peanut is 8 days old. We survived our first 24 hours at home with three little kids. It was very crazy, but I did manage to get dinner on the table and the kiddo's in bed by 7:15 pm! Now I have a whole ten minutes before I have to pump and feed Abby her 8:00 pm feeding. John took off for a much needed massage, most of the day he spent helping me with laundry, dishes, feeding the kiddo's, and John even took the boys to IHOP & Cabella's this morning so I could sleep after Abby's 8:00 am feeding. What a man, I just love and appreciate him so much! Here are a few pictures of our little Abby, she is consistently eating more and more, I'm anxious to see how much she weighs on Monday morning at her Doctor appointment, Please pray we all stay well, Gabe has a cough and we're doing our best to protect Abby from getting anything, but germs are inevitable with two boys!

Isn't she just the  cutest thing?

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