Friday, January 1, 2010

Entering Week 34

Well, here I sit for two weeks! My appointment on Wednesday wasn't the best. My BP was initially 155/107 when I arrived. They did an ultrasound and our peanut is growing well, just over 4 1/2 pounds. Her fluid looks good but she wasn't moving very much. I am already thinning but the doctor wasn't worrying about that since she said there were other pressing issues. I headed over the the hospital where our peanut and I were observed on the monitors for three hours. I had some contractions, but resting and being entertained by my husband seemed to bring my pressures down to more reasonable numbers. Abby looked just great while we were being monitored, but she did love hiding when the nurses weren't looking. She kept moving away from the monitor, I found it quite funny - she may be our most stubborn child yet! .

So here I sit at home on bed rest. John is handling things so well, but will head back to work on Monday. John's brother David and Fiance Kessa are also visiting for the week so the shock of sitting around hasn't quite hit me yet. I've got things set up for the boys this coming week and some friends are bringing over dinne - which John will greatly appreciate. I think the boys will love playing with their friends, going to pre-school, and having Mrs. Kelly twice during the week. She is even going to take them out to the FW Children's museum on Wednesday which they should love!

I'm a little sad that I missed the TranSyberian Orchestra on Wednesday night and a big New Years bash! I was also suppose to take David & Kessa's engagement photo's at the Botanic Garden's which I was so looking forward to, I bought a new lens that I'm really wanting to try out.

Only two weeks.... I can do this!

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Megan said...

Yes, you can do this!

She probably will be your most stubborn and strong-willed child!

I am sure others have told you this, girls are very different than boys!
I know, every child is different, but you just wait!