Saturday, January 16, 2010

Abigail Mae Williams

Our little peanut has arrived!  She was born on Thursday evening at 7:24 pm, just mere moments after Melissa's water was broken, Abigail weighed in at 4 lbs.,8 oz and 17 inches long. She was born literally into the arms of her eager parents (Dr. and nurse were running into the room as she was "caught" by daddy and the hospital bed!) and has been in the NICU gaining weight to come home. Much to our dismay, the placenta which was feeding Abby began to deteriorate weeks ago and it was determined upon birth that Abby hadn’t grown in over two weeks. Praises that the two weeks on bed rest matured her little lungs and she has been breathing room air since birth.

Melissa’s high pregnancy induced blood pressure was deemed the culprit and she was placed on many anti seizure medications upon delivering little Abby. Melissa is recovering well and is suppose to make it home Saturday evening. Her blood pressure is still a concern so she will be slowly recovering over the next few weeks. Little Abby is expected to make it home within the next week or two too, she is perfect in every way and just needs to do some growing. She is eating a mere 15 milligrams every three hours and is being supplemented with additional nutrition via a feeding tube! We’ve heard optimistic reports that the IV in her head might be removed by Sunday, which is controlling her blood sugar! Nothing can prepare you for how little 4 ½ pounds really is! Big brothers Drew and Gabe are anxious to meet their little sister next week too when she makes her big arrival home.

In the interim, here are some pictures of our little peanut!

John & Melissa

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