Friday, January 8, 2010

35 Weeks

We made it to 35 weeks! I'm so excited. I went in yesterday and my BP was stable, we had the same song second verse with all the tests and such. My contractions have subsided and I'm still at a 2, little Abby looked great. So we're sitting tight until Monday when I have another appointment.

Today I feel great, not sure if its the cold weather or what, but my BP has been lower today and I'm not so tired. Mrs. Kelly is here playing with the boys and they are so excited! I've been finishing up some work things, getting payroll done for next week, doctoring my headache, couponing, and planning Drew's 5th Birthday party - it is amazing  what you can do while laying down. Fun times!

I can't wait to meet our little Abby, maybe Monday! I am still excited we made it to 35 weeks! Drew was born at 35 weeks 4 days and didn't have any problems - not even a PICU visit! It is amazing what a week or two will do to a baby's growth and lung maturity.


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