Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 32 Update

I had my doctor's appointment today, it went much better than I expected. Little Abby is nice and snug, I haven't dropped yet and when the doc checked me she said I "wasn't yet a centimeter dilated," which means all those nasty contractions aren't doing much to progress labor. My blood pressure was high (135/94), but I'm not spilling protein which is really good. My BP has been running around those numbers the past few days, so I wasn't shocked, plus the pressure went down once I laid on my side. They did run more blood work, just to make sure my body isn't reacting too much to the high pressures. I didn't gain anything these past two weeks; which is actually a good thing. I cut out as much salt as I could, so I didn't expect much weight gain. It also means I'm not retaining much water - which is shocking since I'm drinking a small pond each day. In total I've gained 20 pounds! That is a nice record, since I gained 65 with Drew and 45 with Gabe. I'm all tummy and swollen feet now!

For the next two weeks I'm monitoring my blood pressure, resting when the bottom number is over 90. At my next appointment we're having a sonogram to check out the baby's growth and fluid levels. Dr. W wants to make sure the high pressures aren't preventing her growth. I did measure 32 centimeters today which is right on track!

So, John and I are off to the Gaylord Texas this Friday night for a celebration! We're celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary a tad early since we're expecting little Abby to be born around our anniversary date. John has the next two weeks off and we're going to be enjoying our Christmas break at home with the boys, not in a hospital! We're also celebrating John's job promotion and enjoying our last few weeks as parents of two! Somewhere in those two weeks we want to take Drew to the IMAX theater at the Fort Worth Science center to see the Polar Express. It should be a very fun few weeks! Most of my shopping is complete and I just have Christmas cards to get addressed and mailed. The tree went up on Tuesday and Drew enjoyed decorating and drinking cocoa. Such fun times we're enjoying as 2009 draws to a close.

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