Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Much News

So much has gone on the last few weeks, it seems like Christmas has arrived early - in more ways that one!

First, John woke me this morning with a kiss and the news that our yard was a winter wonderland. When the boys woke, they went out and explored the white backyard. Then came in for some cocoa and oatmeal. It was a wonderful morning - I love snow and was very sad that we didn't get any last year. Drew loved the snow, Gabe loved it only until he fell in the snow and got wet - that was the end of his great adventure.

Other fun, exciting, Christmas like news is that we hired a wonderful lady as a sitter/nanny to come play with the boys on Wednesday's while I work. John and I have been praying for months about the various characteristics that we wanted for a nanny/sitter. Honestly, I thought we'd have to settle for something less, but we kept on praying and God provided a wonderful woman that was everything we'd prayed for - - plus more! Merry Christmas to me! Mrs. Kelly has won the hearts of our boys! She is a former Kindergarten teacher who loves children and loves to teach them in fun and interactive ways. She has two boys of her own, who are now in high school. Mrs. Kelly brings her own projects and materials from home and brings books and puzzles associated with what the boys are interested in. I can't believe how patient and sweet she is all day long, she inspires and teaches new ways for me to educate the boys. I am so glad that the boys will get the best of mommy and the best of Mrs. Kelly. Now that I'm free to work 6 uninterrupted hours on Tuesday through Thursday, the rest of the days are spent more focused on the boys and maintaining our home. I still work a little at night, but this new schedule is working out just perfectly! Now if I could only get back to the old, ambitious, non-pregnant self - I'd accomplish way more - like preparing a meal calendar and  freezing meals for when the baby comes! I'm still waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in - can you tell?

Drew and I have moved off of working on his phonics and onto reading! I'm so excited, Drew sounded out his first word yesterday - "AM." He was so proud of himself! We are using a program called "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons." I might also add that it was only a 14.00 book - cheap and good quality, that is what I love! We were challenged by a friend to start, I'd been holding out thinking Drew needed to have memorized all the letters and sounds before we began. Turns out, he was probably ready for this program a while ago. Now I just need to stay disciplined to get through all 100 "easy" lessons. So far Drew loves it! He is so proud of himself and the lessons are so easy that he feels quite accomplished. I think Drew will find reading very easy, its the writing that we may struggle through this year!

Gabe is recovering nicely from having pneumonia, he is off all antibiotics and breathing treatments! So far he hasn't had a cough in 3 days! He is teething ... again which is what started this whole mess a month ago, so hopefully he won't get sick again. I'm singing huge praises that everyone is well and our cough's are gone!

We had a wonderful week of Thanksgiving - John was home the whole week and we took advantage of the time to do some family things before our little peanut arrives. We went to the new FW Science center last Tuesday - the boys LOVED the dinasour dig and building their own train sets. It was so much fun watching the boys imaginations go crazy. Secretly I was wondering how in the world I was going to be able to do this kind of thing with 3 little ones. Even with 4 adults and two kids we lost Gabe for a minute after he wandered off to play in an ambulance. The day was so relaxed and fun - we bought a year long pass so John and I will be frequenting the science museum a lot this coming year - we can bring guests too for free!

Last week we also constructed our first gingerbread house, it was very fun, messy, and I believe the adults got into it just as much as the kids! John spent his week off playing in the garage with the boys and making some Christmas gifts. He was thrilled to be home with us and I was so excited to have all the help. John took the boys out for donuts and then to Cabella's for some daddy bonding time. They also frequented the park and Home Depot a few times. Gabe stayed at home with mommy for much of the week since he was still recovering from being sick.

Today was my 30 week appointment - Abby looks great! My doctor laughed that we fix one problem and something else creeps up. So today she was a little disheartened that my BP was already rising. It started about two weeks ago, the evenings are when the BP tends to be the worst. So, they took some blood and off I went to enjoy the rest of my wonderful snowy day! I developed pre-eclampsia with the boys around 34 weeks, with Abby it started at 28 weeks. Here is praying for no bed-rest! There is no cure for pre-eclampsia, only delivering the baby will get rid of the problem. I need another 6 weeks so we'll see how it goes!

Finally, if you've held out this long on my lengthy post then you will get to hear the best news of all! We received our Christmas gift a little early this year. After a few weeks of suspense, John signed a contract on a perminent full time teaching position! We're so excited! He officially starts Friday and will be working with the special education class that he has been with all year - just as a teacher not an aid! I'm so proud of my husband, he has been through so many trials to get to this day! It still seems unreal and hasn't sunk in yet!

Well, thats about it. Check out the picture page for tons of pictures from our week of Fun and Thanksgiving!          

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Cara McLeod said...

Congratulations to John on the full-time teacher position!!!! That is great news!!!! We'll be praying for Little Miss Abby to stay put and for your blood pressure to not cause you to have to go on bed rest any time soon!!! Love to read your updates and keep up with the fam!!!