Thursday, December 17, 2009

A New Covenant

It isn't news to those that live with me, but I've finally come to realize that this pregnancy has brought impatience and a total grouch like behavior. I'm not sure what comes over me, but simple little things like not being able to find the kids shoes set me off. I find myself always thinking, "If only they would....."

"... do what I say."
"... listen the first time."
"... remember to put their things away."
"... stop playing Rudolf over and over again."
"... remember what I told them."
"...stop whining."

So, last night as I was sitting totally frustrated with Drew because he wasn't working very hard on learning his memory verse; God hit me over the head with an epiphany on how short tempered I really was becoming. Little silly things that I'd never even worry about were setting me off. I had traded the unimportant for battles and frustration that weren't necessary. My mostly kind words had been replaced with impatience and selfish thoughts and actions. As I reminded Drew of his verse for the 50th time I finally heard it for the first time within my soul.

"Today, in the city of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11

Then I remembered the history, Christ came for everyone (you & me), not a select group like the Jews, but also for the Greeks and gentiles - He is a Savior to all! What an incredible gift that was, God sent his Son to  save the poor, the prisoner, the helpless, the lonely, the broken -- the sinner! He came for those who had no hope  - all of us. "What wondrous love is this," it is like nothing ever given or offered before. What a gift!
In covenant I learned so much about the very nature and passion of God, one of the most important thing I learned was that a covenant relationship with God involves sacrifice. Not just the sacrifice of Christ for us, but also a sacrifice of believers back to God. The New Covenant is between God and Man - a two way partnership. Christ came and sacrificed Himself (the ultimate gift) and then left the Holy Spirit within believers to teach and direct us. As a believer I am to sacrifice myself too - that means overcoming my flesh and not getting impatient with my kids and husband. It means sacrificing my plans and my agenda for that of Christ. It means sacrificing finances, time, and selfish directions and trading it in for generosity, love, and patience. Sacrifice means, for me on this day, disciplining myself to live out the fruit of the Spirit each moment of today. It means speaking words of love and affirmation into my child instead of discouragement. It means loving my husband even when sawdust makes it into the house just after vacuuming and counting my millions of blessings instead of being discouraged when life doesn't go my way.

So, I began to act on my change of heart by asking Drew to forgive my impatient and demanding attitude. He graciously replied with a bright smile, " That's ok mommy, we all mess up. I just love you and (for)give you for being grouchy. Did you know that God loves you too, he forgives if you ask Him!"

I just love the innocence and truth that God allows my children to share with me when I am humble in spirit and willing to listen!

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Patti said...

Oh, Melissa!

What a great entry. I so love your transparent heart! Thank you for your honesty! Your humility and wisdom are inspirational!

I Love you, Please kiss those precious grandsons for Grandma Patti