Thursday, November 26, 2009

William’s Thanksgiving Praises 2009

"You have turned my mourning into dancing for me;
You have put off my sackcloth
and girded me with gladness,
To the end that my tongue
and my heart
and everything glorious within me
may sing praise to You
and not be silent.
O Lord my God,
I will give thanks to You forever."
(Psalm 30:11-12, AMP)

  • We are so thankful this year! There are just too many blessings; it is hard to record them all! Our biggest praise for 2009 is the blessing of John's hard-earned Teaching job! What began as an aid position, soon led to him taking a very difficult exam, which we just found out John passed – with an 84%! John has found favor with many teachers and the principal at the middle school where he works, with his present position and credentials there are a few job opportunities being discussed. We're excited to find out which one God will bring to fruition.
  • I'm also thankful that for the first time since marriage, my husband has a normal job with set hours! We can now plan outings and I can plan dinner every night and not wonder if he will be home in time. We're enjoying family centered weekends and attending our couples bible study together! The boys love waiting for Daddy to come home and greet him with huge explosions of excitement and energy!
  • We were blessed this year to conceive, very quickly, with our third little blessing from heaven. With great eagerness, we found out in September that we were adding a little girl to our family. Praise be to God that I'm still pregnant and the progesterone injections are keeping me off bed rest! We're looking forward to meeting our little peanut – Abigail Mae sometime in January 2010. I'm also so thankful that I've only gained 15 pounds (@29 weeks), I was so huge with the boys my tired, getting up there body, is thankful to not have that extra weight – especially now that I'm officially in my 30's.
  • Health – thank you Lord that after many trial full years of health issues, we're all healthy and in very good physical shape. Even our little Gabe who just had pneumonia is feeling much better! Lord, may we never take our health for granted, after John's many years of physical pain and surgeries, 2009 was a nice reprieve from illness, surgery, recovering, and doctor visits!
  • John was especially thankful for the opportunity to visit his family in Oregon a few times this year; the highlight was his climbing adventure on Mt. Hood which involved lots of freezing snow and great memories forged between brothers!

  • John and I are still in awe, that after 7 years of paying off debt, we can finally breath a sigh of thanksgiving that all consumer debt, including those horrible student loans, are finally paid off. It was only through the hard work of my husband, much sacrifice, and many wonderful blessings from God that we were able to finish off that monumental task. Wow, John and I are still in shock. I get almost giddy when I put money in savings, instead of paying off loans. God is so faithful, the road was not easy, it had many trials and bumps along the way. John and I shared together that those same trials and bumps were just what we needed! Now that we’ve struggled so much to get out of debt, we’re never looking back to that bondage again. 2010 will bring lots of pre-paying on our mortgage and saving for retirement. We’ve got some catching up to do!

  • As parents, we are so humbled by the two little blessings we are raising in this home. They have so much energy, bring so much delight, and provide so much love. Our little men are teaching us how to submit to the Lord's instruction and helping us in the venues of patience and perseverance. John and I are blessed parents to have such creative and caring little men to steward.
  • A God centered marriage, which has seen some rough times, 2009, was the year we began to reap all the benefits from those marital trials. I was able to see my husband grow in confidence, leadership, and fortitude. I personally reaped the benefits from learning and practicing submission and respecting my wonderful husband. It is amazing what a year will do to a marriage!
  • Yet again, I'm thankful for a work from home job that allows me to be a mommy and help provide for our family. I could never have imagined working for such a flexible boss who lets me set my own hours and never questions when things will get done. God had such a wonderful plan for my life that summer day in 1999 when I showed up to copy and file. What began as a part time summer job turned into a decade of blessings – who knew I'd move on to Texas and have three kids and this wonderful job would help support my dream of being a stay at home mommy and accountant – only God could orchestrate such a master plan.

  • What a year! John and I had a goal to out give our normal tithe and offerings from 2008, I feel so blessed that we were able to not only get out of debt this year, but also bless the church and others more than in any other year of our marriage. There is nothing that tops the joy of giving – both giving sacrificially of time and money. One of our goals in getting out of debt was to be able to serve and give more, John and I have prayed a lot about where 2010 will take us, and God has revealed His desire for John to go to Mexico this summer on a short term construction project through our church. I'm so thankful that we're in a place financially that when God calls, we can answer without thinking about finances. I'm also grateful for a husband who listens, obeys, and is excited to answer God's call! I wish I could go, but the joy of mothering a little 6 month old will keep me on US soil for at least another year or so!

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