Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had a great week here in the Williams household! I am quite exhausted with all the fun we had. The boys went to the Harvest Festival at their Preschool one night, we built a paper castle one day, and over the weekend they boys dressed up and went begging for candy! Drew and Gabe were so excited to dress up, stay up late, and eat candy! We also cut open some pumpkins and all hopes I had to baking the seeds were lost when Gabe decided to put them all on his head. Then the dog enjoyed cleaning up all the leftovers.

On a new note, our science project arrived, only to be void of tadpoles. We were going to study the lifecycle of a frog, but the tadpoles won't arrive until the Spring when the weather is better for shipping. Anyhow, Drew was so disappointed that we ended up buying two Fire Bellied Toads. I think mommy is more excited about them than anyone else, but the boys love watching them and feeling them crickets. Their new terrarium will arrive Thursday, until then they are hiding out in the tadpoles home.

To view more pictures of our week, check out the photo link to the right. There were way too many pictures to post here.

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