Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Are A Thankful Family

The Thanksgiving CD is playing, the sweet potatoes are boiling, the pumpkin pie is going to be made, and the little peanut is kicking away at my rib cage. It is a glorious per-Thanksgiving day! Drew and Daddy are wrestling out front, Gabe is deep into slumber, John built a fun hopscotch course in our kitchen, the house is clean, soupo is in the crock-pot, and thankfulness is in the air.

Wow, God is the master planner of blessings! This past year has been quiet, reflective - preparation for the changes ahead. Changes of jobs, changes of family dynamics, changes in finances, & hopefully it all leads to changes within our hearts. We are a thankful family, there is nothing I could possible be ungrateful for - it was all pre-ordained by God and those few things in my life which I like to grumble about are also the things that grow me and raise me up to handle a God filled life. I am truly grateful today, more so than ever before. We have health, a roof over our heads, a great marriage, and thanks to my husband we also have a generous spirit. John loves blessing others, as do I, so we're so excited to be thinking of fun and creative ways to bless others this Thanksgiving season.

Blessings -- they are everywhere, we just need to look, and then give thanks to the Creator of all things - Jesus Christ Himself, "the author and perfecter of life!"

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