Monday, November 16, 2009

A Quiet Week

We had such a wonderful week, it was quiet, relaxed, and full of fun. The leaves finally dropped in our yard, the sun was out, and we enjoyed time playing together as a family. I baked some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and we drank tons of cocoa - thanks to John and my Birthday gift! The boys and I have had cough's for weeks, I'd hoped staying home relaxing could get rid of them, alas no such luck. I'm beginning to wonder if we're just suffering from allergies? Gabe and I have it the worst and we're both prone to allergy issues.

Drew must be at the top of his learning curve, he has been asking tons of questions like, "How big is my brain?" and "How do you spell reptile?." He has also been doing tons of math problems in his head and talking all about our frogs being nocturnal and making "hypothesis" about various topics. Wow, I can't keep up with his creative mind, Drew talks non stop all day and is always asking tons of questions. I am trying my best to answer, but by the end of the day I'm beat!

Then little Gabe is our very pensive and quiet one, he doesn't talk much because Drew is always talking. Gabe has been enjoying one on one time with John and I which greatly diminished his angry episodes. It has also helped that most of his teeth are in - only two more (bottom left) until he is completely done teething. Gabe loves to look at books and has lately been stacking various objects around the house - like blocks, books, food, etc. Gabe loves to play in the garage with Daddy and dig in the dirt for bugs. Just yesterday we had a storm blow through and both boys were out running in puddles - totally wet through. The even found Daddy's shavings bag and enjoyed throwing wood shavings all over the front yard. Needless to say the shavings and wet clothes ended up in the house  - it took a whole hour to vacuum the downstairs.

John has exciting news, he passed his K-12 special education exam on the first try. We're so proud of him! He has been celebrating by spending tons of free time in the garage making Christmas gifts.

Baby Abby is doing great, no news, still having contractions and taking the progesterone injections. Abby is quiet busy these days, her movements are much more busy than the boys! She is head down and patiently waiting her appearance in January.

I've been prepping the house and our pantry for Thanksgiving - finding great grocery deals! We're working on our annual Thanksgiving list and reading all about the pilgrims and their struggles coming to America. Drew is fascinated with their boat and loves to talk all about how much God protected and provided for their needs. We have so much to be thankful for, I'm spending this month in awe of God's blessings, provisions, and mercy.

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