Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abby Update at 26 Weeks

I had a great appointment today! At 26 weeks our little peanut is growing and moving as she should be. She is in the head down position and pressing nicely on my bladder! I thought she had moved from transverse last week to the head down position since all her little movements started to feel different. I guess I was right!  I had another scan today and despite all the contractions, mostly between 5 & 10 pm, my cervix hasn't thinned or shortened! That is wonderful news, it means the contractions aren't doing anything for the time being. I also inquired about my iron levels since I've been addicted, and I mean addicted, to ice over the past month. My iron was indeed low so I'm on some prescription iron pills, since the OTC ones made me so very sick.

I also came very close to failing my glucose test, praise the Lord that my doc is so understanding and allowed me to fall right on the line of passing. I had a 137 and the range for passing is 130, but can be as high as 140 if the doctor so deems. Thank you Doctor W.! I  failed the 1 hour with Gabe last time around, my body just doesn't enjoy sugar and doesn't like the "rush." It processes the sugar but not within the 1 hour time allowed. The three hour test is terrible, I'm glad I don't have to take it this time around! After the 1 hour test yesterday I went home and took a very long nap, I felt so sick after leaving the doctors office, that sugar just tired me out. I'm so glad to not take that silly test again.... ever!

So our little girl is doing great, contractions are acceptable this go around and I don't have another appointment until December 2! Then the fun two week appointments begin!

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