Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Past Week In Pictures

Finally able to wear long sleeves!

Showing me that he knows where his fingers are!

Time outside enjoying the cool weather.

Drew is learning how to Rollerblade.

Yes, still teething..... I'm a grouch!

Fun Outside on an overcast Fall Day.... Perfect!

Gotta love the knees in flour.... your not truly baking unless you make a mess!

Re-inacting the Squire & The Scroll with our castle and dragon!

Painting our ornaments for Fall - must be a tradition now since this is year #2!

We had a very busy week of fun! The highlight was seeing our little girl via ultrasound last Friday - she looked great, last very active and happy. She was justa little small, but only 3 days smaller than her estimated due date. At 21 weeks I've gained 10 pounds, which is remarkable since I'd gained atleast 20 with the boys. I guess there can be a bright side to 16 weeks of morning sickness! The boys are loving school and Gabe has been teething.... again! We spent the week painting, baking, and using our imaginations. Drew and I even managed a tea "date" with his favorite re-inactment of The Squire and the Scroll.

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