Friday, October 9, 2009

The Freedom of Fall

Today it felt like Autumn, it has been the season for a few weeks, but just today it finally felt right - must be the 55 degree day of chilly windy weather! Thus the traditions have begun! Today we celebrated with Makeover at church, John spent his day off in the garage, hiding from the rain, and working on some exciting projects for the Home Makeover. We enjoyed cocoa and breathed in the cool brisk air with our warm coats and boots. Such a delightful day. I finally gave in and put Fernando Ortega's CD's into the player, broke out the pumpkin spice candles and spend the afternoon doing laundry. It was fun laundry because a friend from John's work gave him 3 bags of children's clothes! Most were cute, adorable little girl outfits and some boy clothes that were thrown in were perfect for Gabe. What a blessing! Abby will be so stocked, I only kept about half so I can pass the blessing along to my friend Nicole who is also having a little girl around the same time I am. Abby and her Amelia will be best of friends!

I love this simple season of staying home, making Christmas gifts, planning a great meal with family and friends, making ornaments with the boys, reading old classics, telling/acting out stories of the pilgrims, watching God's incredible sunsets, and I can't forget collecting bullfrogs around the neighborhood for my near-hibernating garden (I wish you were here Bethany!).

Drew loved just spending time breathing in the sawdust in the garage today - the smell of pine and oak is missed in our home over the long summer. John takes a break from the art of carpentry and focuses on other talents, once the cool Fall begins so does Daddy's imagination. He gets giddy about all the new wood magazines that come in the mail, makes to do lists filled with all the projects he wants to accomplish this season, and gets to work. While I laundered around the laundry singing Fernando tunes I smiled many times while listening to the hum of the sander, or the shrill of the table-saw. Fall is a time for getting back to the basics of life, the basics of my faith too. Fall is like a new beginning for me, a reset button on my life, where the quiet and reflection allow me to rest and remain silent in God's presence while he gentle leads me through new paces and practices.

Much of my study over the years has been on God's character. This season I'm meditating in Kay Arthur's study on "Covenant." This is by far the most in depth and life changing study I've ever done. Each lesson God just speaks to me in new and exciting ways. New layers on God's character are being revealed and are seen in new light - the light of Covenant. I hope to write more soon about all I'm learning. I am 4 weeks into the class and I'm still digesting and filling my mind with the scriptures - such new light on old verses - soon it will be time to journal and I hope to post more in this little place.

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