Friday, October 16, 2009

If You Give A Mom A Minute.....

If You Give a Mom a Minute,

She will notice that her son's chin is covered in peanut butter and jelly,
When she goes to wipe it off, she notices that he is also stinky,
So she carries her child upstairs for a diaper change,
Mom steps over dirty laundry and then decides to pick them up and places them in the hamper,
Next, as she goes to change the diaper she notices that there aren't any diapers in the diaper stacker so she heads to the closet for refills,
After opening a new packages of diapers she decides to put them all in the diaper stacker so next time there will be plenty.
As she is placing them in the diaper stacker, her son decides to climb off the changing table,
So she picks him up and puts him back on the table to change his diaper, which is the whole reason she went upstairs to begin with,

As she is wiping her sons bottom, she notices that they are low on wipes, so she refills those as well.
While mom is refilling the wipes, her son sticks his hand in his private parts, so she decide to wash off his hands.
As she is washing his hands with a baby wipe she notices that his finger nails are very long,
So off to the bathroom she darts to grab the finger nail clippers.
When she grabs the clippers, she notices that they are slippery and covered in oil,
The Mother quickly notices that an entire bottle of CHI mineral oil was emptied in the drawer, probably by her son who is still laying naked on the changing table - he just wet on the wall, but she doesn't know this yet.
Quickly she grabs a washcloth and begins cleaning out the oil in the drawer, reorganizes the contents and marches back into the nursery to discover that the wall and changing table are covered in pee.
She quickly disinfects the wall and table, puts the clean diaper onto her son's bottom, and then begins clipping her son's nails.
While clipping the long finger nails, she decides to do the toe nails as well.

Soon the older 4 year old child emerges and wants his nails trimmed too.
Then the mother gets out the vacuum to clean up all the dirty nail clippings and remembers that the boys didn't wash their hands after she clipped their dirt and bacteria filled nails.
So she corrals them in the bathroom, unfortunately the younger child dumps a glass of water all over the neatly cleaned drawer while the mother is educating the older son on how to properly soap between his fingers.
At this point the telephone rings and the mother, now completely out of breath, decides to sit down and think about why diaper changes take so blasted long?

Just A typical Day in the Williams Household!

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