Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coupon Collecting – Where are all the coupons:

Websites to begin learning the basics of couponing, coupon collecting, and daily deals: - finding grocery deals in your area by store name – Great resource for grocery deals like Target and for printable coupons or coupon exchanges


  • The Sunday Newspaper: Double ads from the Dallas Morning News is 2.89, see if neighbors want to give you their extra sets if they do not use them.
  • The Wednesday Paper (The Grocery Ads): Grocery ads in our area tend to run Wednesday through Tuesday so look for these either in your mailbox or a private company delivers them to your door each week.
  • Mail-order: Sign up for coupons via the websites listed above, join the e-mail lists of the brands you frequent the most. Also sign up for VocalPoint which will send you 5-10 coupons a month for free or next to free items, they even throw in samples each month!
  • Entertainment Book: found at the local school or at
  • In/On Packages – Look for coupons on products in the stores, these are called pelies, also many boxes will have coupons inside our on the backside of the product.
  • Online: Cellfire, Upromise, Shortcuts will all allow you to load additional coupons onto store card. Ebates is a rebate program for online purchases. The websites listed above will direct you to manufacture sites which will allow you to print coupons (normally twice), and bricks online coupons which can be printed in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Also, becoming fans of your favorite products on facebook will open the doors for more and more coupons and free items!
  • E-mail clubs via manufactures websites: For example: Gymboree, Beech Nut, CVS, Dove, etc.
  • Stores: Many stores like Walgreens and CVS have books with additional store coupons. Walgreen's has two coupon booklets (1) at the front with monthly coupons (2) Pharmacy coupon deals (quarterly) which are normally coupons for over the counter drugs.

    Be Sure to register your store cards like Tom Thumb and Kroger! You'll get tons of coupons in the mail from those stores which are partial to what you purchase, also when you check out many times you will receive additional coupons from their coupon printer.

  • Magazines:

    Kiwi Magazine – organic coupons, mostly children's products, many times each year this magazine is offered free!

All You – Tons of great coupons in each months magazine, I paid 15.00 for a two year subscription which has paid for itself many times over.

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