Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 4: No Spending Month

Well, we're done. I think this was the hardest fasting month we've ever experienced. We've decided to move the fast next year to September when hopefully less is going on! This week we spent 89.50 on groceries due to the fact that we were adding extra food and such for our company and the bill posted a few days into the next week! . Other than that we enjoyed our media fast and time reading books. Drew loved Little House in the Big Woods - as did mommy! I did buy John some new clothes for work and the boys had to have new shoes for school, so that set me back about 75.00 but I used a lot of coupons and saved around 75% on everything I purchased. We also needed a new mattress (John's back has been giving him some issues and the mattress had to go) so the time we spent not buying things was spent researching a new mattress. We'll see if john ends up liking the one I picked out it arrived today!

I didn't get as much growth and contentment as I expected this fasting month. Spending a lot of time being sick, tired and unambitious are my excuses. We'll see how the next one goes in March when I'm not pregnant!

John did learn some interesting news today. Due to his Aid status he isn't allowed to coach, which was new to everyone including the principal who spent a lot of time arguing with upper management. Evidently the school needs 5 coaches and they only have 3 now that John is not able to participate. The good news is the principal offered him a job tutoring before school which pays better. Plus when John said that the principal could just hire him as a teacher, the principal replied, " you'll have the first shot at the next opening!" That is very exciting! We're praying that an opening comes up fast! Everyone at the school loves John and it seems to be a great fit! As an added bonus I don't have to attend football games!

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