Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Not So Wonderful Wednesday

The day has begun,
  • I woke up late (but the kids slept in too!)
  • I actually made my bed (which is rare) only to discover that the boys had taken the bed sheets apart and were enjoying using the bedding as a trampoline and the comforter as a landing pad.
  • I've had a lingering headache for 16 weeks, mornings and evenings are the worst. Today I can tell will be a pounding headache day.
  • We're out of Q Tips and my ears itch really bad.
  • I made the boys yummy oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast... only they decided they weren't hungry and I'll probably get to hear "I'm hungry" 100 times before lunch.
  • I'm still in sweats and I'm not planning on changing until this afternoon when I actually have to leave my house.
  • I e-mailed some things out for work, only to discover a few hours later the VPN wasn't on so all the mail sat in my Outbox.
  • My marriage isn't perfect (funny how some days I really believe it is perfect), in fact we went to bed angry last night because we couldn't reach a resolution- yet I'm blessed to know it will be resolved today and put to rest because that is the type of man I married, he always makes sure, with time, that issues are worked on and dealt with.
  • I dressed Gabe in these cute baby legs that we purchased for Abby so I wouldn't have to mess with pants today, I think they look cute, John will hate them!
  • Played tag with the boys this morning only to have some unwelcome contractions, the boys were sad when we had to stop.
  • Drew spent all last week working on his memory verse, only to not remember when it was time to recite. Now we're working on two verses this week - John seems to have much better luck teaching him memory type learning than I.
It is still going to be a great day - its 64 outside and the windows are all open airing out the house. We're working on Drew's memory verse and writing phonics letter. Drew can't wait to paint his Fall ornaments and Gabe is quite involved in the train set that Drew made in his bedroom.

I'm so glad that on days like today, when I just want to focus on the not-right, I'm compelled to regroup and focus on all the blessings that are present in my life. I am sipping tea this morning, listing to the boys play trains, praying and meditating on the reality of my life - a great reality that life isn't perfect and that is just fine with me! If perfection were my goal then I'd be one unhappy person and if perfection were my reality then I'd have no need for my loving Savior.

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