Thursday, September 17, 2009


We've had a week to adjust to the wonderful idea of having a little girl joint our family! She is very active these days, enjoying kicking and flipping around. I weighed myself yesterday and almost fell off the scale - at 19 weeks I have only gained 10 pounds! With the boys I'd gained 20+ by this point. I guess my metabolism likes the petite little girl inside, being sick for 16 weeks probably is the culprit, so now that I'm feeling better I'd better watch out!

Our week was spent nursing our sick cat Winston, he has kidney stones in his bladder and they blocked him from going to the bathroom. Three days at the vet and a catheter has allows him home on a special, low stress diet. Goodness! He is still not in full control of his bladder so we've confined him to the laundry room! I'm so tired of doing laundry, between the cat, two kids and a husband I'm working on 10 loads a week these days! We'd been saving for front end loaders, but the lovely vet bill took those funds away. Oh well, I'm still very grateful for my washer and dryer, when we were first married we didn't have money to buy any so for 6 months I had to visit the laundry mat every week. That was tough! It did make me appreciate my machines though!

The boys are doing well - its been raining so we're all a bit stir crazy. Their pre-school is going well and we're doing a little homeschooling in addition to school. Drew also started a Wednesday night bible time at our church - he loves it and I get to spend an hour and a half grocery shopping in peace. Its a win for everyone! I have been participating in a Precepts Bible study on Monday nights which is a wonderful blessing. The work is really tough but I'm learning a lot and get to trade the mommy role away for one night a week and exchange it for the student. Its a nice treat to start out my week. The mentoring program started at FBC Keller today, I was so excited to see I was able to keep the same mentors as last year. What a blessing! I just love this program and the encouragement and accountability it provides. Next week I get to briefly teach all the ladies how to make laundry soap!

Our house is decorated for Fall already (as you can tell by the pictures!), the weather noticed me putting everything up and decided to send down the rain. It has been overcast and in the 70's for a week, I just love it! I baked a yummy pear cake a few days back from a gardening magazine I received (wonderful recipe!)and Beer Cheese Soup tonight for dinner. I'm going to make one last batch of Pesto from the basil outside, but I don't think the basil will last too much longer. Its already starting to yellow on some of the ends. I just love Fall! Only 4 more days until its official!

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