Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Preschool 2009

The boys were so anxious this morning to get to school! Drew insisted on wearing his new "Cars" shoes which light up when you walk. Gabe insisted on taking his nighttime bear and blanket with him. Drew refused to eat breakfast this morning because he said, "I'm so excited I can't even eat! I'll have patience mommy and wait to eat my lunch with the Tinkerbell fruit snacks that you let me pick out."

Drew's new 4's class is a step up from last year, instead of Drew being an older student we chose to go with a class around the same age as him. So far it appears to be a great fit. He has some very organized and structured teachers who love to play and teach the children using lots of hands on materials. Both his teachers are wonderful, though he still says that "teacher Andrea is his favorite." Drew ran right into his class this morning and wasn't shy, he even made a friend named Abby!

Gabe wasn't so eager to go into his class. The teachers made a huge mistake and let a few parents into the classroom (which isn't suppose to happen based on church policy) and the whole class was in tears when I arrived. Gabe, my happy go lucky child who loves to be in new situations totally freaked out and was screaming when I left him. I waited behind the door for over a minute and he still was screaming. I then left knowing they would call if there was a problem. Gabe's teachers said he had a great day, despite the tearful start, and he made me a picture! Gabe loved playing on the playground but wasn't fond of the nap. He laid down for the whole time but never fell asleep (no surprise here!).

What a fun day the boys had learning and making new friends. I'm so excited for them!

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