Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall 2009

It was a perfect Fall day! It was in the 60's and windy for most of the day, I left my windows open in the house and it cooled to 68 degrees. We've spent the week thus far working on Fall projects. First John and Drew spent time together in the garage making a paddle boat, then the boys and I made all natural clay and finally we made dough ornaments out of Fall cookie cutters. All we have left is some painting. I just love Fall, its an end to the hot muggy weather and a beginning of the harvest season - a time for long, dark evenings at home sipping cocoa and reading books together. I love sitting in the yard with a blanket watching my breath or preparing the garden and flowerbeds for winter. So much fun things are in store! It also means the Home Makeover at church is about to begin and then our Fall camping trip to Dinosaur Valley.

Gabe is enjoying the Fall weather too, he is painting with us, playing with brown clay and enjoying all the new Fall books I just brought out.

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