Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 3: No Spending Month

This was an interesting week, we had company come visit us over the weekend, so we had to take a break from our spending sabbatical. We took our guests - David and his girlfriend Kessa, to Joe T Garcia's for lunch on Friday. Then on Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday with a girls day out for pedicures, a cute little tea house for lunch, and a movie that evening. I had some cash set aside that someone gave me as a gift, so we didn't spend any family money on the weekend. I did have to buy some groceries for when our company arrived, so we spent 42.45 on groceries for the week. Other than that it was a fun and enjoyable week. John had to work most of the week and the kids and I went to the pool and played around the house.

Drew is mastering his phonics and the writing of his letters, while Gabe spent most of the week trying to get his eye teeth to come through . Gabe was especially cranky and even put on a nice tantrum for our company. It was a wonderful week of fun! Drew is very excited to meet his teacher this coming Friday!

Check out the pictures page for more pictures of our month. I've been a little behind in getting pictures up!

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