Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week 2: No Spending Month

Week two was a rather hard week for me. I've been home with the kids for two full weeks. John has been gone almost the entire time - leaving before I get up and home after I go to sleep. It was a rough week of work, kids, cleaning, and nothing else. We went swimming a few times to get out of the house, baked a ton of homemade treats, and read oh so many books. Drew has been eager to practice his phonics and write some letters - I bribed him with a guarantee that we'd take him to his first NASCAR race once he learned how to read! Drew thinks that is where Lightning McQueen lives and races when he isn't making movies.

I was energized late in the week with my first ever double up to 1.00 coupon extravaganza at Kroger! It forced me to get my coupons organized and put together my endless lists of what to buy. My mother and I awoke before dawn (5:30 am), coupon and list in hand. We weren't surprised by all the other frugals who were also shopping bright and early on a Saturday morning. My deals were so incredible that I went back to a different Kroger with my kids in tow that same morning. I spent a little shy of 50.00 on over 155.00 worth of groceries. All of which we will use - there were over 25 items on my list which were FREE - including rice, cookies, yogurts, mayo, and cereal bars!

I took the kids to a thrift store I'd been wanting to visit and spent some of my change on books for the kids. We landed 10 books for $2.50 and spent an hour browsing the endless supply of books. You can't beat .25 a book! John also had a debacle with his phone automatically answering so he had to purchase a new cellular phone yesterday. Overall it was still a thrifty week - I did bribe my mother on two occasions when I really didn't want to cook, I'm pretty sure bribing her for Pizza wasn't a normal fasting procedure, but I was desperate.

Week three is turning out to be a little easier - John has been home so we've been encouraging each other and he has been helping with dinner creations!

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