Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 1: No Spending Month

Week 1 went fairly well, but my aim for 100.00 in groceries for the whole month left out the fact that we'd been gone for most of July, so there wasn't anything in our fridge. In order to be somewhat healthy and not have Mac n Cheese and hot dogs every day I had to break down and head to the farmers market and Kroger for some real food. I did buy things that would complement various stock piles in our freezer and pantry - this way I'm still using up my surplus. I still have a huge surplus - anyone need dressings or cereal?

So far (besides bills, those don't count!) we've spent:

Gasoline: 36.86
Grocery's: 83.04
Prescriptions: 10.00

I'm so excited, what we're geared up to save this month on groceries/gasoline/eating out/Misc costs like Home Depot charges, will cover the overage spent on our vacation last month. We have a short term account set up for: Vacations, Christmas, HOA dues, and our insane electric bill during the summer. Then the long term savings houses our 3-6 month living expenses and the savings for a new car one of these days - maybe sooner than John thinks! Next month I pray he sells that old white car, which has been a huge blessing, and buys a little truck. We've been talking about it for months and he won't bring himself to do it. His car has broken 6 times in the last 8 weeks - the fixes aren't too expensive and the neighbor does most the work, but there is something to be said about reliable transportation! So, pray he bites the bullet and sells the old car and buys a little pickup.

I did spend 3.50 on a replacement letter for Drew's phonics game - but I had some money in my paypal account (thanks Ebates!) so I used that balance to cover the cost. I also splurged and purchased a song off Itunes for .99! I just love getting quarterly earnings from Ebates!

I've spent the week reading tons of books to the boys. Somehow not leaving the house gives me time to read and relax. I've been baking random things for the kids - like Rice Crispy treats and blueberry oatmeal in order to use up some of my stockpiles. Drew has been my super big helper in the kitchen working on his phonics and stirring the batches of marshmallows. We've enjoyed Little House in the Big Woods this week with hot cocoa too! Gabe is learning more patience and can sit quietly while I read for 20 minutes - I never thought that would happen, its amazing what routine and practice will accomplish. I've been enjoying TOS magazines from this past year - my time got away from me and a great book on the Holiness of God. My eyes are acting weird, I've discovered much of my pregnancy sickness is induced by rapid eye movements so reading and working on the computer can only be done in short periods of time with really strong light - really odd!

I do wish for more patience, not going out somehow leaves me drained at the end of the evening. John has been gone most of the week so I've been exhausted. I wish I'd get that second trimester energy back! God has been so faithful to provide enough energy to get the dinner cooked and a mother who will come over and help! Typically I'd take the kids out to a park and run to McDonald's when I was tired and not wanting to cook. Maybe we'll pack a picnic and head to the park tomorrow night!

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