Tuesday, August 18, 2009


551. Little squeals from outside in the yard – boys chasing one another with the water hose.

552. Saying good-bye to beloved teachers at church – we’re so thankful for your investment into our boys!

553. Mundane – I guess looking ahead can be rather scary so taking life one day at a time has been a blessing! The endless piles of laundry, dishes and wiping exhaust this mommy’s joy. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be exhausted!

554. John’s next step along his teaching journey – praises are being sung as he has accepted an aid position at a middle school in Fort Worth. One step in the right direction! What will it be like with John having a set 8-5 schedule with weekends off? He’s never had that before... the unknown is so exciting!

555. A new(er) car will be added to our family. A special someone must have read my post from last week about the friend who is always fixing John’s car. We will be buying their very nice, dependable, Jeep in a few days!

556. Clothes from a friend – thanks Deana!

557. Thrift store bargains - I was desperate to get out of the house today so we went to the thrift store in hopes of finding some new books. We were excited to find 10 new books for 2.50!

558. We raided Nana’s book stash a few days back; which has provided many fun hours of new reading!

559. Drew’s new love for writing his letters; he is well on the path of learning how to read. He has such a love for looking at books, so his new enthusiasm for writing and letter sounds excites me!

560. An exhausting Saturday of double couponing, park explorations, and swimming. An added bonus – I was able to spend the day with my friend Nicole and her son Ethan. It was a great break in routine since John worked all day.

561. 70% savings at Kroger on Saturday and a well stocked fridge!

562. My husband’s cheeky smile Sunday morning waking me from my slumber. It’s always a great day when it begins with a smile from my love!

563. Sweet almost 2 year old who brings book after book to be read!

564. Making Chocolate chip cookies with the boys

565.. Saying goodbye to my sweet husband as he runs off to sign a contract on his new job!

566. Baby flutters!

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