Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Peanut Update and Misc. Savings

I had my checkup today, everything went great. Our peanut is growing and had a normal heart rate (174). I gain a pound since a month ago but my tummy is protruding a lot - my body is already changing. The boys are super excited about having a little brother or sister. I'm excited for the morning sickness to go away.... still waiting! I'd also love my energy back!

The boys have been enjoying the hot weather, we swam in the whale pool this evening and made some rice krispy treats for the kiddo's to enjoy. Drew and Gabe were so excited!

I've been busy saving money - I took a few months sabbatical from couponing while we cleaned out the cupboards and freezer. Now I'm getting back into the couponing. Here are a few of the deals I did this week to get free food!
  • 10 boxes of Rice Krispies at Albertson's which cost 8.00 (oop) after coupons and in store ad. I will receive a 10.00 rebate check sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. So I made 2.00 - here come the Rice Krispy treats!
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken bowls from the Schwan man - they had a deal that you could get any item for free under 10.00 (found on Moneysaving mom). I splurged and bought some frozen yogurt for 5.00 but I don't think that will break by 100.00 grocery budget this month.
  • Free pint of Starbucks ice cream thanks to a Facebook e-mail I received.
  • I made some yummy pesto from the basil in my garden which went crazy while I was on vacation.
  • John, the boys and I made homemade ice cream Sunday night with our ice cream maker. I used some half and half from our deep freezer that had an expiration date of 11/2007... yikes! The ice cream tasted great and cost about .50 cents per pint (excluding the half and half because I haven't a clue what I paid back in November 07 - can you tell it was a Thanksgiving deal?) The ice cream went great with the blueberry cobbler!
  • Reading RC Sproul's book The Holiness of God which I ordered last month free from It arrived while we were on vacation!

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