Monday, August 3, 2009

Home To Stay

We made it home from our wild trip to Oregon! We had so much fun and did so many wonderful things, here were the highlights:

  • Attended my grandfather's 80th birthday/reunion
  • Visited the Fletcher's in Washington and enjoyed their hot tub, hospitality, and humor!
  • Toured Down Town Seattle in a "Duck" while struggling with morning sickness that is aggravated by motion

  • Realized I'm getting old while playing volleyball at the BBQ my Aunt and Uncle put on for everyone visiting for Grandpa's 80th.
  • Went to the Zoo in Seattle with family and our good friends the Stringers. John enjoyed a guys day of building shelves in the Stringers garage with Mel's husband.
  • Enjoyed visiting with 50 members from the Adamson side of the family, including my Dad who lives in Seattle
  • Took the boys to a Mariners game - Gabe's first. We were in row 16 - nice and close!
  • Stayed a week in Portland during their heat wave
  • Enjoyed a luxurious night away from the boys with a fancy breakfast! John and I actually were able to finish a few conversations in one sitting! Thanks to Patti and Bethany for watching the kiddo's.
  • Gabe enjoyed a wonderful day with Gradnma Patti and Uncle Scotty playing on the property - I heard Gabe took two bathes because it was so hot and he was so dirty!
  • Spent a day at Cannon Beach enjoying the cool 65 degree weather! We also enjoyed the best pizza and mocha in the NW!
  • Visited the candy store in Cannon Beach, watched how to make Taffy, bough the kids a special treat and then went to the toy store!
  • Picked 12 pounds of blueberries at the patch, the kids loved it and I took some awesome pictures! They all made it back to Texas!
  • Had water balloon fights with the kids during an especially hot day!
  • Spent tons of time visiting with my best Oregon friend Bethany. I miss you already!
  • Spent a day at Shriner's Hospital in Portland watching John get tons of test run for a follow up study his old hospital is performing. It was nice to see all the people who worked on John - from physical therapists, to nurses and doctors. Everyone enjoyed seeing "John's boys" and delighting in their blue eyes and blond hair!
  • Picnicked at a fun sand/water park in Sherwood. The kids enjoyed cooling off and using their imaginations building moats and race cars!
  • Ate at my favorite pregnancy restaurant's common in Oregon - Baja Fresh and TCBY!
  • Visited with John's family - enjoyed a picnic with Grandpa tractor and Grandma Carol down by a quiet and cool stream in Hillsboro. We had fun throwing the disk and watching the kids get dirty and wet!
  • Almost missed our flight back to Texas due to a miscalculation in the gasoline gage, spent an hour on the freeway waiting for John's brother to save us with some gas. Then cried and bribed our way through security and finally made it on the plane - then bribed and prayed a few people would move seats so we could sit next to the boys on the way home. Then we finally made it to Texas and 2 or our 3 suitcases were loaded on the wrong plane. We are so very glad to be home!
To view pictures of our trip click here - there are hundreds of new pictures !


The Tyson Family said...

WOW! Glad to have you guys home!

Carol said...

Wow, so sorry to hear of the troubles flying home. I remember being stuck on the freeway when John's car broke down taking me to the airport. I almost missed my flight too. This was after I had to wake him because my shuttle did not show up!!

Pretty stressful for all of you!! Glad you made it safe.