Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Peanut

We'll I'm still sick at 10.5 weeks. Each day I awake thinking "maybe today I'll get back my energy and stop getting sick." With Drew I wasn't sick more than a few days, with Gabe it was about a month. We're on week 8 with our little peanut with no end in sight. I'm exhausted, but that may be from having two energetic boys, two trips to Oregon in a month and putting our house on the market?

We had a great time in Oregon for our short visit. We're frantically getting the last minute house details completed so it can get put on the market the day we leave. We just finished painting the door black, adding brushed nickel accents, cleaning the carpets and floors, and re-painting the existing baseboards. I've also been cleaning up the garden and sprucing up the grounds with some new color. We've been so busy and things around here must know we're leaving because everything is breaking! John and I just laugh at the humor of it all.

One funny and quick story. We've been teaching Drew about all people being different in one way or another, which leads us to security at the airport last week. The boys and I were taking a little long going through security, so I offered to have the gentleman behind us go ahead. He politely obliged and walked up to the metal detectors. He then proceeded to take off his prosthetic arm and placed it onto the scanner. Drew was shocked to say the least, he then exclaimed with his mouth fallen, "Look mom, that guy can take his arm off?" What is that?" I explained that it was a prosthetic arm which helps people use their arms when they loose their limb. He then exclaimed to the gentleman, "that is so cool, I want one of those protective arms!" Drew still remembers the man with the "protective" arm and reminds me that we're all different in some way, that man was cool because he could take his arm off!

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