Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just when we had given up hope......

John had a promising interview today! It was for a 7th grade Math position in Fort Worth which lasted about 4 hours. We had given up hope of him getting any more interviews for this coming teaching year, even the one he landed today had 200 people apply for the one position. That is crazy! Please pray! We've been here so many times that I'm not getting excited, but John really wants this job. It is right up his league, its for a poor school in the heart of Fort Worth - all low income and 90% of the school children are minorities. They are looking for a teacher with a heart for kids, which John has really been praying he would find. He so wants to not just teach, but help change the lives of children. The position comes with a coaching job too which he willingly agreed to take assuming he was offered the job. He had three interviews today and even took a tour and met the head coach. We're suppose to find out late next week. Just in time for our first trip to Oregon.

I told John is would be like God to provide this job while we're in the process of downsizing and selling the house. Just God's way of showing us that we needed more Faith and that obedience, just like with Abraham sacrificing Isaac, needs to always be at the forefront of our heart - even when that obedience doesn't make sense.

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